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Douglas "Douglas is much, much busier than the rest of the island and had its fair share of groups of tourists out to drink too much for the weekend, but luckily they did all seem to quieten down and leave us to have a decent nights sleep, while we were there..."
Peel Harbour
Peel Harbour "Peel is a lovely little fishing town on the west of the island. It is famous for its sunsets, castle, cathedral and kippers..."
Silverdale Glen
Silverdale Glen "Silverdale Glen had to be visited because it brought back such vivid memories of my early childhood. I remember spending ages choosing which wooden horse I would ride on, on the roundabout. And then always wishing I'd picked the one my big sister was riding..."
Snaefell "...the road bridge here is where bikes speed by underneath you during the Isle of Man TT Races..."
Trams and railway at Douglas
Trams and railway at Douglas "The electric railway runs from here north to Ramsey, stopping at Laxey, where you can change trains to board the Snaefell Mountain railway. The trains pass through some fantastic scenery and are very popular with visitor to the island..."
Looking up at the Laxey Wheel
Looking up at the Laxey Wheel "The impressive size and distinctive white, red and black paintwork of the Laxey Wheel make it stand out as one of the Isle of Man's most famous landmarks..."
The Isle of Man virtual tour, including panoramic photos of Douglas (the capital of the Isle of Man), Peel, Tynwald Hill, Castletown, Port Erin, Niarbyl, Laxey and the Laxey Wheel, Snaefell, Point of Ayre, The Sound and Calf of Man and Silverdale Glen. We have saved photographing Ramsey and Port St Mary for our next trip to the Island.

Isle of Man - three legs

The Isle of Man is a beautiful, small island in the Irish Sea, between the English Lancashire coast and Ireland. The scenery is gorgeous hills, mountains, quiet countryside; or if you prefer the coast, there are pretty, sandy and pebbly beaches and dramatic cliffs.

Visting the Isle of Man?

Before you book your flight, ferry, hotel or make that journey, you need to know where you should stay and what you can see or do – and of course, where to avoid! We are here to help you make those vital decisions, so that you can have a memorable visit that's right for you! You can use the map of the Isle of Man to help you fimd your way around the island, and of course don't forget to check out the IOM weather before you go!

Take our virtual Isle of Man tour and read our personal, unbiased reviews, to check out the places of interest and sights to see. Our Tour is here to help you to find out all about the island before you pay a single penny to make a booking or even begin your journey. We've visited it first, to save you the trouble. Make your trip choice with all the information at your fingertips on this tour and review of the IOM.

You can get to the IOM by ferry from Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool and Heysham, or take a plane from many of Britain's regional airports.

Isle of Man Centenary TT Races. The Isle of Man is known all over the world as the location of the 'TT Races'. Motorcycle Racing takes over the island for two weeks each Summer.

2007 was the 100th Anniversary of the TT races.

Isle of man - boats and harbour

Many famous personalities have made the Isle of Man their home, Sir Norman Wisdom, who had a house called 'Ballalough' (house of laughs / belly laugh), Jeremy Clarkson who owns a section of coastline near Langness lighthouse near Castletown, and is reported to not like you to walk your dog there. The celebrity list of famous people living in the Isle of Man also includes BBC radio & TV broadcaster Andy Kershaw ( No Off Switch - Andy Kershaw ), who has a No off switch - Andy Kershawhome in Peel.

The island is famous for kippers, tailess cats and its symbol; the Three Legs of Man. The latter is a symbol of its independence, whose inscription means "whichever way you throw me I stand".

The Isle of Man is perfect walking country and well served for families, with its many glens and beaches. We went during the first weekend of the school summer holidays and were surprised that it was so quiet. Driving around the narrow, country lanes was no problem; nevertheless, there are many warnings on these roads, urging drivers to take care. The island is thirty three miles long and thirteen miles wide, with over one hundred and sixty miles of roads. You can also get around by bus, taxi, horse drawn tram or the electric and steam railways.

Isle of Man - steam train

The whole place has a very laid-back, old-fashioned feel to it, which was quite charming. It seemed decidedly underdeveloped and unchanged from when I used to go there for family holidays nearly forty years ago!

The Island has its own currency, but this is interchangeable with British money, although you'll need to remember that the Manx notes cannot be spent on the Mainland when you get home.

The highest point on the island is Snaefell at 621 metres high. The longest river is the River Sulby (over 10 miles). There are about 76,000 people currently living on the island (2005 figures), making a population density of about 345 people per square mile (133 per square kilometre).

We were fascinated to find out that the Manx government promotes the use of the island as a location for making films, by contributing to the production costs. Since 1995 the Isle of Man has been used as the set for many films and has now a worldwide reputation for feature film and television dramas (e.g. The Shadow Line, TT3D: Closer To The Edge, The Decoy Bride, Waking Ned, Island at War, Tom Brown's Schooldays and Stormbreaker). It has become one of the busiest areas of film production in the British Isles

You may also be aware that the Isle of Man is a low tax economy with income tax rates of 10% and 20% and 0% rate of corporate tax. Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism are the key sectors of the economy of the Isle of Man. The government has a policy of offering incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to encourage them to locate on the Island.

IOM Triskelion

The 'Triskelion' - Manx Emblem of the Isle of Man.