Douglas, The Isle of Man Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of The Isle of Man: Douglas.
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photograph of Douglas

Douglas is the Capital of the Isle of Man and is situated on the east of the island. The ferries dock here. It has a broad, sweeping front and a flat, sandy beach. The promenade is wide, with horse drawn trams rumbling up and down all day and evening. The buildings are largely grand-looking Victorian hotels and the whole place looks like a proper, old-fashioned British seaside resort. Which is exactly what it is.

Towards the centre of the promenade is the Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre Complex. The Royal Hall is situated in the Villa Marina Gardens and is a beautifully restored Edwardian building, used for concerts, conferences and entertainment. The Gaiety Theatre and Opera House is a restored Victorian building.

At the North Eastern end of the promenade, is the turning point for the horse drawn trams and also the place where you can board the electric railway, which runs to Laxey and then to Ramsey.

Douglas is much, much busier than the rest of the island and had its fair share of groups of tourists out to drink too much for the weekend, but luckily they did all seem to quieten down and leave us to have a decent nights sleep, while we were there.

However, the worst bit about Douglas was the eating out. We were only there two nights, but were seriously ripped off both times! The food was poor to average, the surroundings were shabby and bordering on unhygienic, but the prices were HORRENDOUS!

One one hand it is easy to imagine that we had been transported back into the 1970's while on the island, but with prices from another era yet to arrive.

Join us on the next part of our virtual tour of The Isle of Man...

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Map of The Isle of Man showing the location of Douglas at Latitude 54.15893 / Longitude -4.47562.
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