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Isle of Man weather

We visited the Isle of Man in early summer and had a glorious week of sunshine. We were lucky. It is not always thus!

The Isle of Man is described as having a “temperate” climate, which means that it never gets extremely cold or extremely hot: winters are mild, summers are cool. It is unusual to have snow here and even frost is rare. Rain, however is common in winter, especially in the south of the island and on higher ground, such as Snaefell Mountain. The north tends to be sunnier and drier than the south.

Skies here, aren’t as cloudy and overcast as the rest of the North West of mainland Britain. However, this is due to the strong wind, which blows the clouds away!

The sea around the island can become rather rough and the island does suffer from dense fog. I grew up facing the Isle of Man, on the coast of North West England and can tell you from first hand, that the island seemed hidden in mist for most of the year. On the rare occasions when the weather was clear enough to see the island, it looked so close to the UK mainland, that you could hardly believe that it had been so invisible for so long!

Whatever the official weather statistics say, I spent countless happy childhood holidays on this gorgeous island and can remember nothing but sunshine and fun!